Workers’ Rights & Cooperative Economics

In private sector workplaces, the rights of workers are under attack.  Atlanta and the nation are experiencing huge gaps between rich and poor.  Un- and underemployment are the new norms, while wages have stayed the same or fallen over the last forty years.

Georgia is on a growing list of states (25) with the misleadingly named “right-to-work” law, which is intended to drain unions of funds and other resources as a way to undermine the rights of workers to take collective action for their common good.

OHRD’s approach to combating these attacks on the rights of workers is two-fold:

  1. Provide education and legal consultations to unorganized workers to become organized on the job and in their communities.
  2. Develop community-centered and worker-owned and -controlled economic enterprises that provide living wages. Through OHRD’s campaign committee, Cooperative Atlanta (CA), we educate, incubate (start up), and coordinate cooperative enterprises to empower our members and the community with a model of economic justice rooted in human rights.
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